I have been a life-long photographer, starting with a square, black Kodak Brownie and moving thru the usual point and shoots (which seem unbelievably primitive now) to SLR to DSLR over the years.  15 years ago, when faced with the first of the horrible birthdays, I decided to deal with the progression of time by getting serious about photography.  Before then, I had taken some darkroom courses and had spent many family gatherings behind the camera. That being a far easier place for a failed hermit in a very sociable familyto hang out….

I found, much to my astonishment, that I had been given the gift of seeing things in ways that others did not.   The flip side of that is that as a non-verbal sort of person, there is no “thought” that goes into what I am doing.  I do not shoot with a goal in mind or a message for the viewer or a previsualizedidea of what I hope to end up with.  That way lies madness (and brain freeze).  Once I am looking through the viewfinder, I work by recognition.  “This will work, this probably won’t.”  I take all the shots anyway and sometimes there is that lovely “aha” moment when I see an image on the computer screen (or on the light box, in the days of slides) that literally sings.  I view those images, with delight, as a gift from the universe which has somehow funneled into this world through me.

After 15 years of workshops and courses, I am finally branching out from my comfort zone, which is best described as Pieces of Things.  Abstracts and more intimate landscapes have been what I amdrawn to.  Now, I am trying to shoot things that move (gasp!) and to befriend my wider angle lenses.

Equipment has been Nikon from the beginning.  Currently using a D750 with the usual line up of lenses.  As my back gives out, am using my Fuji XT 1 (soon to be XT 2), for a lot of my trips.  Not ready to give up the Nikon when I can drive to places.  My iPhone (6s) has been getting a real workout of late, although the jury is still out on that for usable prints.